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Careers Program at Ƶappinspiring students to pursue their dreams..

ƵappAnglican School continues to excel in providing exceptional career development opportunities for its students, demonstrated recently by a visit to the Richard Crookes Constructions site for their new $700 million Baiada Processing Complex.

During this visit, students had the unique opportunity to engage with industry professionals and gain firsthand insight into the construction industry. The highlight of the visit was a talk by Blake Murphy, a 2018 Alumni of Calrossy. Blake shared his journey from Secondary school to his current role as a Site Engineer at Richard Crookes.

Blake, who completed his Bachelor of Construction Management at the University of Newcastle, emphasized the importance of a solid educational foundation and practical experience. His career progression serves as an inspiring example for our current students, showcasing the tangible outcomes of dedication and hard work.

ƵappAnglican School's careers program is designed to bridge the gap between academic learning and real-world application. By facilitating interactions with industry professionals and organizing site visits, the program equips students with valuable knowledge and skills that enhance their future career prospects.

ƵappCareers Advisor Charles Impey commented, "We are incredibly proud of our careers program and the opportunities it provides for our students. Visits like these are instrumental in helping our students understand the practical aspects of their chosen fields and inspiring them to pursue their dreams with confidence."