Infants and Primary students are offered vast and exciting opportunities beyond the classroom.

Students are encouraged to explore interests and discover new ones with a variety of special clubs offered beyond the classroom.

They include:

  • Art
  • Cooking
  • Animation
  • Chess
  • Christian
  • Dance
  • Lego
  • Debating
  • Garden
  • Environment
  • Public Speaking
  • Choir
  • and Science Club.

Music Lessons and Musicals

Music lessons are provided to all students. ƵappJunior School also holds a musical every second year involving all P-6 students. Private Tuition in music, speech and drama lessons are provided to students through private tuition.

Beyond the classroom

Beyond the classroom there are countless special activities involving students and families including:

  • Teddy Bears' Picnic
  • Easter Hat Parade
  • Grandparents' Day
  • House Day
  • Bike Safety Day
  • Book Week
  • National Simultaneous Storytime
  • Musical
  • Performing Arts Night
  • Eisteddfod

School Camps Program

Our School Camps program commences with a late night out for our Kindergarten students and a sleepover at school for Year 1. Students build up their stamina over the years, where they conclude their camp experience with five days away with their peers. Camps focus on growth, confidence and adventure.




Wellbeing and Health

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