The experiences beyond the classroom in Senior Secondary extend from the cultural, academic, sporting, community, social and wellbeing events, with a focus on holistic growth and opportunities.

Students in the Senior Years are offered vast and exciting opportunities that are complemented by the Expedition and Wellbeing Programs, targeting growth, support and character building qualities in these soon to be school graduates.

Ƶapphas its own working farm, "Tangara", and Shorthorn Stud, "Kamilaroi Shorthorns", offering various co-curricular pathways such as Cattle Club and it also allows students to gain hands-on skills and knowledge in Primary Industries and Agriculture.

Students in these years can also access numerous STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) opportunities and perform in the School's music ensembles. Extension and academic challenges such as the Science and Engineering Expo, the Science Olympiad, Inter-school debating and chess are also offered.

Experiences in the Senior Years are also provided with students undertaking various curriculum based excursions and incursions, including a Year 12 Geography Excursion to Lady Eliot Island, music students attending Bravissimo, visits from the Sydney Dance Company, Drama excursion to NIDA and many more.

Our Expedition Program for each year group has been created to target student growth and team building, with a particular focus on readying these students for the real world and character strengths such as resilience, courage, patience, inclusion, integrity and selflessness. The Program culminates in an ANZAC themed experiential program for Year 11 and Wellbeing retreat for Year 12.

Special Events

The are also numerous special events to engage and extend the interest and growth of students, such as

  • World's Greatest Shave
  • GRIP Leadership
  • House Music
  • Drama, Dance and Music participation in local Eisteddfods
  • Inter-School Academic challenges
  • Shakespeare Day
  • Ƶappin Concert
  • Boarder Muster
  • and much more.





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