All Secondary students, including Boarders, are encouraged to participate in team sports, with sport and fitness also offered as electives in later years, alongside PDHPE.

Sport and a focus on health are seen as an essential Wellbeing tool supported throughout the School. Students are encouraged to participate in various city-based, regional and inter-school competitions.

At Ƶappsport has a focus on teamwork, participation, encouragement and sportsmanship, reflecting the School values of inclusiveness, resilience and integrity.

The School’s membership to Hunter Regional Independent Schools (HRIS) provides pathways for State and National representation for students of all ages.

Students participate in a diverse range of School sports including,

  • rugby,
  • netball
  • football
  • hockey
  • horse sports
  • shooting
  • basketball
  • mountain bike riding
  • tennis
  • golf and many others.




Wellbeing and Health

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