Wellbeing and Health

The academic, social, emotional, spiritual and physical needs of the children are cared for by the classroom teachers and the extensive wellbeing support offered at the School.

Wellbeing and health of our students are at the heart of learning and life at Calrossy.

We know that well children, do well. This extends from physical health to social and emotional health. In the Junior School our Wellbeing Program supports every student as an individual with the first steps towards becoming adults of faith, integrity, courage and compassion. Concepts in the Wellbeing space are taught explicitly in PDHPE, as well as our ‘Focus for the Fortnight’, presented at assemblies with and followed up in class, based on the VIA Character Strengths. During our Week of Wellbeing each term we focus on having a healthy mind, as well as a healthy body, because they are both just as important. For your child's physical health, our Health Centre is staffed by nurses who are equipped to care of all our students, to ensure they are well enough to learn. The Junior School has nursing staff on site during school hours, they assist in the care of all students requiring medication or other special heath needs. For students and families who are experiencing difficulties of any kind, support is offered through the Wellbeing and Chaplaincy teams and School Psychologists.




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