Calrossy's Unique Learning Model

At Ƶappwe deliberately set paths that maximise learning and wellbeing for all our students. We offer countless opportunities, ensuring that every day, every boy and girl are learning, growing and serving in an inspiring and supportive Christian community.

The Ƶappjourney starts in Junior School in a coeducational environment, where there is a focus on instilling a love of learning and ensuring a solid foundation for success. Ƶappcreates purposeful, relevant and authentic learning experiences for these curious, creative young minds. This means the learning is real and supports success at every stage.

In the early years of Secondary school in Ƶapp7-9 students learn in single-sex classes, promoting courage and a ‘can-do attitude’ amongst our early adolescents. They develop their personal identities, as young men and women, and grow confidence in their individual strengths as learners. Students are encouraged to think, apply their knowledge and develop initiative through what sometimes can be challenging years. 

Senior Secondary at Ƶapp(Yrs 10, 11 and 12) are designed to prepare students as ‘life-ready’, equipped for employment and tertiary study beyond school. These years recombine in coeducational classes to prepare for their HSC studies and explore various industry pathways. Whilst Ƶappstudents have long achieved excellent academic success, developing outstanding graduates who make a difference, is also a central part of our focus. 

Why are the Senior years coeducational?

The senior years of schooling are a critical transition point for young people – emotionally, socially, and educationally. These final years see great possibilities for students as they learn, grow and serve. These years should provide all students with the high-quality, relevant and engaging education that choosing academic subjects afford and the support necessary to complete their secondary school education.

By the time students reach the Senior Years, in particular Years 11 and 12, they have sufficiently matured and established themselves academically. Students can thrive in a mixed gender classroom environment and are become better prepared for their life at university or in the world of work.

Many elective subjects in Year 9 are offered as mixed classes, enabling a smoother transition to the coeducational model of the Senior school.

At Ƶappthere are a plethora of benefits that emerge from coeducation and not the least are enhanced social relationships and growth.

Students in the coeducational setting grow in their learning. Their greater maturity levels allow students to be intelligently engaged in learning for longer. Coeducation promotes an increase in perspective taking as boys and girls can greater appreciate each other’s views, thereby increasing communication and collaboration. Coeducation allows young women to present their ideas confidently in a mixed context and understand the male perspective, whilst enabling young men to participate confidently and learn to understand and respect the female point of view.

A further benefit of coeducation is that the students experience a growth in subject choice enabling teachers to focus on their specialised subject area. Thus allowing for the maximum number of courses to be delivered to senior students.

Teaching and learning in a coeducational setting in these years, best equips students in their final years of learning for the HSC, future study, employment beyond school and successful adult lives.

What are the benefits of single-sex learning in Ƶapp7-9?

In the middle years of schooling which we refer to as Ƶapp7-9, students learn in single sex classrooms but on the same campus. One of the many benefits of single sex education in these years is that our teachers can tailor teaching, behaviour management, support and wellbeing in the classroom. This is deliberately done to increase student participation, self-confidence, academic and social growth and success.

As young teenagers, our 7-9 students are liberated from any gender expectations, allowing for safe and positive participation which promotes focus, engagement and confidence.

The TAS Department agree that as a result “Girls become more confident in themselves and are happy to be players rather than just an audience; not afraid to defend their opinions and confident that others are interested in their perspective”.

The Ƶappstructure is seen as an approach which not only gets the very best from students, but also from teaching staff, as they are able to tailor their professional techniques and lessons for girls and boys.

By making education enjoyable, exciting and inspirational, a true love of learning is fostered, which will stand our students in good stead for the rest of their lives.

Due to appropriate developmental cohorts learning together, students adopt a courageous disposition to learning. Safety is promoted in their learning which facilitates courage;

  • Courage to ask questions
  • Courage to take risks
  • Courage to not risk being judged
  • Courage to minimise self-comparison
  • Courage to increase willingness to try new things (eg Dance and Food Technology for boys, Agriculture, Industrial Technology and Primary Industries for girls)
  • And finally, courage & confidence to develop their knowledge and to become more articulate and engaged in collaboration ultimately resulting in more creativity and critically think.




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