Calrossy's distance education program allows your son or daughter to access high quality education, catering for Years 5 to 9, from their own home.


Innovative distance education delivering quality education into homes across Australia

eƵappwas designed to help bridge the gap between students wanting access to educational excellence and opportunities, in a supported and connected environment but who are unable to attend traditional school for any reason, be it working on the farm, demanding extra curricular activities or they are just not ready for boarding.


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At Ƶappwe aspire to be the creators of hope and change that matters. This means we deliberately set paths targeting holistic growth and success for all our students, whether they are learning at home or school.


The opportunities that this school offers is beyond anything we could ever imagine... I have never seen our daughter so happy at school, so focused and kicking so many goals. We are beyond proud of how she has embraced the changes she has made. And are completely indebted to Ƶappfor such a wonderful opportunity.

Kristy Andrews

eƵappParent, Year 9 student, Broken Hill.

I like that I get to interact everyday with the other kids in my class. Mrs Truter is so kind... My favourite subject is Japanese, as I have always wanted to learn a different language.

Alice Hodges

Year 6 eƵappstudent.

I really enjoy it because I can interact with teachers and classmates from my own home, and I have found likeminded people who have the same interests as me.

Emmy Andrews

Year 9 eƵappstudent, Broken Hill.

eƵapphas been a complete game changer for our family! Alice loves her school day and is eager to jump online each morning. She is clearly engaged and although it is virtual, it provides the interaction with her teacher and peers that she had been missing. Social interaction is so important, especially in the older years of primary school.

Bree Wakefield

eƵappParent, Alice, Year 6, Bannon Station, north east of Mildura.

I liked that I was able to see the other students in my class over the screen and it’s easier to communicate and harder to get distracted.

Ruby Pearce

Ruby Pearce, former eƵappstudent and current Year 9 Boarder

It was great, a lot of fun. My favourite part of camp was the BMX track… it was nice to meet the other kids and they were very friendly and made me feel included.

Archie Nevill

Year 6 eƵappStudent, Blantyre Station, north west of Menindee.

Despite the travel distance, we feel that eƵappgives our children the best possible education despite our remote location... All the instruction is provided by the Ƶappteachers online with only the occasional homework question needing to be looked at."

Lauren Mayo

eƵappParent, Year 7 and 8 students, 280 kilometres north of Broken Hill.

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