In Year 7 and 8 there is a dedicated emphasis on core disciplines while allowing our students to explore and develop their interests in other learning areas from the Creative and Performing Arts to Agriculture.

The School maintains a focus on literacy and numeracy, critical and independent thinking, practical experiences and creative expression. We also believe in allowing our students to explore their interests and challenge their curiosity in these years before specialising in subjects in later schooling.

Students in Year 9 continue to study the core curriculum of subjects, as well as specialising in subjects that extend their personal abilities, academic abilities and interests through elective choices such as Industrial Technology, Textiles, Music and Commerce. Elective offerings are determined each year based on student demand.

From Year 7, all Ƶappstudents are supplied with their own personal laptop which is used in all KLAs, enhancing learning opportunities and helping to equip them for a digital world


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