School House System

Calrossy's House structure covers the Whole School with students from Prep to Year 12 in one of four Houses who compete for the coveted Godfrey Cup.

They are Cuthbert, Hamlin, Nicholls and Sheean paying tribute to prominent outstanding Australians - Betty Cuthbert, Dr Catherine Hamlin, Sir Douglas Nicholls and Teddy Sheean.

The importance of representing achievement and excellence are instilled in the tradition of House Colours with students proudly supporting their allocated House throughout their school life. Each House group has distinctive colours and mascots to identify house teams at sports, swimming carnivals and other school events.

ƵappHouses compete for the prestigious Godfrey Cup each year, won by House with the highest overall points across all sporting, cultural and service events.

Since 1930 when our School introduced the House System it has grown and adapted. With the introduction of the current houses in 2021 the previous houses of Karrawarra, Nangara, Ellaroo and Balleburra (from ƵappSecondary Girls and formally known as Karobran, Nindethana and Ellimatta) Flynn, Dunlop and Simpson (Secondary Boys) and Chang, Munro, Roberts and Wright (Junior School) were retired but certainly not forgotten. Our Honour Boards are still on display showcasing the names who nurtured the culture we have today.

Ƶappis committed to continuing our story for generations to come under new banners that will incorporate the values and feelings of the previous houses. 

Our Sporting Houses


House colours Green and Gold

Named after Australian Athletics Olympian Betty Cuthbert. An Australian sprinter, who starred at the 1956 Olympic Games where she won three Gold Medals. She was a campaigner for MS awareness. Betty was resilient in the face of adversity with a strong Christian hope despite her personal circumstances.


House colours Black and White

Honouring Catherine Hamlin: An Australian Doctor who with her husband co founded the world's only medical centre dedicated exclusively to providing free obstetric surgery to poor women suffering from complications of childbirth. Dr Catherine Hamlin was awarded Australia's highest honour, the Companion of the Order of Australia


House colours Red and Black

Named to honour Sir Douglas Nicholls: He became the first and only Australian Indigenous Governor. Sir Douglas Nicholls was a pastor, prominent AFL footballer and the first Indigenous Australian to be awarded a knighthood. The AFL Indigenous round is named after him and is known as the "Nicholls Round"


House colours Sky Blue and White

Named after Teddy Sheean who was awarded the Victoria Cross in 2020 for bravery during his service in the Royal Australian Navy. He sacrificed his life to save his shipmates during battle, displaying incredible selflessness and truly lived out the the verse "Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one's life for one's friends" John 15:13





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