As our students’ progress through the final years of Secondary School, we place a special emphasis on wellbeing fostering independence and resilience. Dedicated Leaders of Wellbeing for each year group ensure students are valued and supported as individuals.

The academic, social, emotional, spiritual and physical needs of the students are cared for by classroom teachers and the extensive welfare support offered at Calrossy. Within the classroom, caring staff provide genuine pastoral care, and work with each child to teach them skills such as resilience and flexibility.

Wellbeing with a holistic focus is a priority at Ƶappwith a variety of special programs, events and strategies in place to ensure our Senior students receive the support and encouragement they need for success in and out of the classroom.

Welfare and Chaplaincy Team and School Psychologists

For students and families who are experiencing difficulties of any kind, support is offered through the Welfare and Chaplaincy team and School Psychologists. In Secondary each year group has a Leader of Wellbeing for boys and girls, who support and work closely with the students throughout the school term.

Expedition Program

Calrossy's Expedition program for Years 10–12 centres around targeted experiences that focus on wellbeing, growth and values that help shape confident, outrageous individuals and team performance such as mateship, resilience, sacrifice and courage.

Year 10 Year Level Days

Year 10 Year Level Days are aimed at harnessing and maintaining relationships forged on Expeditions where students engage in a range of activities including self-reflection, teamwork and mindfulness along with practical skills.

SHINE and STAMINA Programs

Specific Senior Secondary female and male programs called SHINE and STAMINA encourage our young men and women to explore and embrace their emotions while physically challenging them to persevere and lean on each other as needed, embrace strengths and celebrate uniqueness with topics such as self-worth, body image, healthy relationships, and goal setting.

Health Centre and School Nurses

In addition to this Our Health Centre is equipped for the care of all students to ensure they are able to learn and grow in a safe, nurturing environment that supports their needs.

The Senior Secondary Campus has nursing staff on site during school hours with quiet spaces for students who need of care or rest. They assist in the care of all students requiring medication or other special heath needs. All medication is kept with the school nurses and boarders are able to access the nurses both during day school and boarding hours. Weekend clinics are run and our nursing staff are on call 24 hours a day.




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