Boarding Structure

At ƵappBoarding there is a special focus on creating a sense of belonging. It is our priority that Boarders create meaningful connections and reach their potential in a nurturing and aspiring environment.

ƵappBoarding has a special focus on empowering and supporting our boys and girls through all the boarding years from their transition into living away from home, entering the workforce for the first time, to the academic demands of study.

Girls Boarding, Year 7 to 12, is located on the Brisbane Street Campus in the heart of historic East Tamworth.

Our Boarding Boys are located at a separate campus called Simpson House, located a short distance between Calrossy's two academic campuses.

The ƵappBoarding staff structure is unique, it is the priority of our specialised professionals to care for the needs and facilitate a positive boarding environment.

ƵappBoarders have dedicated network of staff to support their physical and emotional health and to meet their needs.

Boarders enjoy supervised after hours access to many of the school facilities such as sports courts, pool, resources centre. The Boarding routine also includes daily sessions targeting homework, assessments and study, with times varying for year groups.


Girls Boarding


Boys Boarding

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