Junior School FAQs

Where is ƵappPrep and Kindy located?

Our Prep and Kindergarten classes are located on the sprawling William Cowper Campus, just on the outskirts of Tamworth on the Moore Creek Road. This campus offers the children plenty of space for recreation, with access to the resources of a Prep to Year 12 school.

The Prep classrooms and outdoor spaces are secure areas, with separate bathroom facilities for both these age groups from the rest of the school.

What are the hours of operation for Kindergarten and Prep at Calrossy?

Prep offers a three, four and  five-day program. The three-day program runs from Tuesday to Thursday. Schools hours are from 8:50am to 3pm for Junior School students. Our Prep children can be cared for in the classroom until 4pm or they can attend the After-School Care program.

How old does my child need to be to start Prep or Kindergarten at Calrossy?

The Prep program is ideally suited to children in the year prior to starting school in Kindergarten. For Prep, children should be turning 5 during the year and for Kindergarten children should be turning 6. Children may commence Kindergarten at the beginning of the school year if they turn 5, on or before 31st July that year, however, starting in the year they turn 6 is preferred. Prep is a wonderful transition program to school, ensuring children are familiar with the school, the teachers, the routines and their surroundings. Moving to Kindergarten is a personal and individual decision that is made in consultation with the school, teachers and the parents.

What is Prep?

Prep is a fun, busy and exciting place to be! It is a wonderful play-based learning program that focuses on building positive social skills, early literacy and numeracy and exposes children to age appropriate school routines. The Prep day is filled with lots of time for indoor and outdoor play, games, art, music and more. Our Prep children spend time each week with a Year 4 Buddy who visits and reads to them. The Prep Program utilises the Early Years Learning Framework that provide engaging learning experiences learning and builds a strong start to success at school and for life.Prep is designed to ensure children experience a smooth transition to school life. The program builds on the curiosity and sense of wonder of young children, with experienced staff fostering the skills and school values that will help children to be well-equipped for their learning journey ahead. The children are introduced to a range of School experiences so by the time they are ready to start Kindergarten, they feel confident in their class environment.

How big are the class sizes for Prep and Kindy?

Ƶappis committed to favourable class sizes and so numbers are limited for both these year groups to ensure a personalised learning journey for your child. Prep and Kindy are capped 25.

Does Ƶapphave a before and after school care?

Yes, after School care is provided through, Esteem Kids.

This program offers children a fun alternative in a safe, inspiring environment at the William Cowper Campus, which can also include Vacation Care and Leave Weekends.

What are the uniform requirements at Ƶappin Prep and Kindergarten?

Ƶapptakes great pride in the presentation of its students and this starts at Prep. Our Prep students wear the Ƶappsports uniform every day, while Kindergarten students spend two days a week in sports clothes and three days in their formal uniform. The Uniform Shop is located on our Brisbane Street Campus. Online service and personal delivery to your child’s classroom is available.

View further details on The Uniform Shop.

What if my child is on medication?

Ƶapphas Health Centre, manned by a registered Nurse, open during the school day. Staff work alongside classroom teachers to cater to the health needs of your child. Parents should inform Health Centre staff when their child needs to take medications and arrangements will be made.

What if my child has special needs? (Learning difficulties or high achievement)

Ƶapphas an established program that supports the academic learning of students of all ablilities, including those with learning special learning needs and high achievers. Staff liaise with parents prior to enrolment to ensure processes and adequate provisions are in place.

Similarly, Ƶappis constantly monitoring the emotional, social and academic progress and wellbeing of all its students.Should a child experience significant difficulty for a period of longer than 10 weeks in the following areas, they may be referred to the Learning Support Team, the school Psychologist or external health professionals to undertake assessment to determine the support that may assist their learning:

  • Physical Disability/Mobility
  • Personal care
  • Social participation
  • Safety
  • Motor development
  • Emotional well-being/Mental Health
  • Sensory needs/Vision/ Hearing
  • Transition
  • Health/Chronic Illness
  • Language and Communication
  • Cognitive/Learning

Following assessment, learning plans are implemented to support the individual student. This may happen through adjustments implemented by classroom teachers or in more complex cases using specialist support services.

Does my child need to be Christian or Anglican to attend Calrossy?

No. The Ƶappcommunity is a diverse one in which all are welcome to join. Ƶappwelcomes students of all faiths and backgrounds with the aim to produce students who are aware, inclusive, respectful and grateful of the world around them. Participation in routine school activities including Christian Studies is expected. Calrossy’s four main School values are Inclusiveness, Integrity, Resilience and Selflessness.

As a Christian School, we aim to reflect grace and generosity across our community that God has demonstrated to us through the Lord Jesus Christ. When we realise that we are incredibly loved by God we believe it gives us a sense of meaning and purpose. We invite our students to wrestle with the big questions of life in an age appropriate way. This is done in Christian Studies classes and assemblies, being also lived out in serving others, through community service. We believe that Jesus taught us the best way to live, hence we encourage students to think through and question the themes of the Bible, considering their relevance to contemporary life. A voluntary group Light is conducted weekly. It is our hope that our school will be shaped God’s love and that we would reflect that love to others.

How is homework managed at Calrossy?

ƵappJunior School has a Homework plan for each Year group that supplements school learning at an age appropri-ate level. Usually, homework is given at the beginning of the week and handed in on Friday. We encourage children to read daily at home, both with their family and individually.

What type of feedback will I receive about my child’s learning and development?

We see our relationship with parents as a partnership. Our teachers communicate regularly and are always available to talk and meet to discuss your child’s progress. ƵappJunior School uses the Seesaw app as a regular channel to communicate with families. This enables the teachers and students to post work, take photos, videos and record their learning from school. It is a wonderful bridge between school and home and provides parents and family members with a deep insight into their child’s day. We also have Semester Reports and Parent Interviews that occur in Terms 2 and 4. During the Primary years each child has their own individual portfolio, which is regularly updated with work and information. At any time throughout the year families are able to arrange a time to meet with teachers to discuss their child.

How does Ƶappcommunicate with parents?

We have a web-based school information site called The HUB. All parents are given login details to this site open enrolment and are able to view it independently from the students. This site has all your student and class details. It also provides access to all your financial details and similar documents, such as School reports.

How can parents become involved?

Yes, there are many ways to get involved. The partnership between school and parents supports best learning and community for children. You can volunteer to be a parent helper for some of your child’s learning sessions, such as Literacy groups, you can join in on working bees, participate in the volunteer Parents and Friends Association or you can support us by taking part in fundraisers and social events. You will also be invited to be a number of activities throughout the year, such as the Easter Hat Parade, Grandparents Day and Christmas Carols.

Please note School volunteers will need to provide their Working With Children Check details to the School.

What about transport and school buses to the campus?

Town buses service the William Cowper Campus in our special bus lane. Arrangements for Prep and Kindergarten children are communicated to the class teachers each day and they assist your son or daughter at pick up time.

We would be delighted to welcome you to ƵappJunior School and take you on a tour of our wonderful School. You can make an enrolment enquiry and someone will be in touch with as soon as possible.


Junior School FAQs



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