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Celebrating Equestrian Success for 11th straight year

Ƶapphas once again proven its equestrian prowess, securing the title of the most successful school for the 11th consecutive year at the North West Equestrian Expo in Coonabarabran. This prestigious event, one of the largest school equestrian competitions in Australia, attracts schools from across New South Wales, showcasing the finest young equestrian talent the region has to offer.

Our exceptional team of riders, comprising Pippa Cullen, Lily Marshall, Rhani Spencer-Ruddy and Jess Swain, demonstrated remarkable skill, determination, and sportsmanship. Their outstanding performances across various disciplines secured the win for Ƶappas the top four pointscorers, cementing Calrossy's reputation as a powerhouse in school equestrian sports.

Notable Achievements;

Pippa Cullen delivered remarkable results, becoming the highest point scorer in the Working Horse Challenge for the 15 years age group, and securing first place. She also played a crucial role in the team's overall success.

Lily Marshall was a standout performer, earning the title of Reserve Showjumping Champion, securing third place in showjumping (95 cm), fifth in the 2 Phase (95 cm), and third in the 13 years Working Horse Challenge.

Rhani Spencer-Ruddy impressed judges and spectators alike, finishing second in the 2 Phase (105 cm).

Jess Swain rounded out our formidable team with stellar performances in eventing disciplines.

Olivia Wilson, Ned Thompson, and Sid Thompson shone in the Division 1 B Grade Polocrosse, showcasing excellent teamwork and skill.

Lily Rapley excelled by winning her age group in the Working Horse Challenge and securing first place in the 17 years Working Horse Challenge.

Sophie Anderson emerged as the Showjumping Champion and also finished second in her division of showjumping (65 cm) and third in the 2 Phase (65 cm).

Jeremiah Raines demonstrated his jumping prowess, finishing first in showjumping (80 cm). Second Expo Pentathlon.

Adison Thomas fifth in the 2 Phase (65 cm) and fifth in the 14 years Working Horse Challenge.

Mackayla Jarrett not only was part of the fourth-placed Team Barrel (alongside Pippa Cullen and Lily Rapley) but also became the 15 years Sporting Champion.

Ned Thompson showcased his versatility by finishing fifth in the 13 years Warrumbungle Way and third in the Expo Pentathlon.

Calrossy's sustained success at the North West Equestrian Expo is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our students, parents and staff. Our equestrian program emphasises not only competitive excellence but also the development of character, resilience and teamwork.

Congratulations to everyone involved.